Dessert Menu


Chocolate brownies with vanilla ice-cream and chocolate sauce   5.50
Baked cheesecake with blackberry compote and fresh mint    4.75
Gulab jamun crème brulee  5.50
Caramelised apple and rhubarb crunchy-crumble topping with warm custard    4.50
Sticky toffee bread and butter pudding with vanilla 
ice-cream  4.75
Cheese board (stilton and cheddar served with 
chutney, grapes, and crackers)  6.95
Selection of Ice-cream  
choice of vanilla, strawberry, chocolate,  blue bubblegum, honey & ginger and toffee fudge
                   1 scoop 2.00 , 2 scoops 3.50 , 3 scoops 4.50

Beverages (Soya drink available as dairy alternative)

Coffee 2.00    Decaf 2.10      Latte 2.40
Cappuccino 2.20       Espresso 1.85     
Hot Chocolate 2.40     

Selection of Premium Teas

Organic Breakfast  2.25      Organic Earl Grey 2.25
Bombay Chai 2.45           Green Tea Tropical 2.45
Marrakesh Mint 2.45      Chamomile Citrus 2.45
White Orchard 2.75          Ginger Twist 2.75
Flora Tea (new)  3.95
Taste first with your eyes, feel next with your heart. Flora teas are hand tied individual tea leaves with selected dried aromatic flowers forming a tea heart which reveals a secret centre when placed in boiling water

Liqueur Coffees  4.95

Jamesons, Captain Morgan, Baileys, 
Cointreau, Kahlua, Benedictine, Sambuca, Tia Maria  

Liqueurs & Single Malt
   (25ml except where noted)

Amaretto 3.40    Baileys 50ml 3.70   Benedictine 3.20     
Courvoisier  3.30    Cointreau  3.20   
Crème de Cacao 3.20    Blue Curacao  3.20   
Drambuie   3.20   Glenfidditch  3.95    Glenlivet 3.50  
Talisker 3.50