Business networking venue

Business networking

The Tree Hotel at Iffley is ideal as a business networking venue for businesses located in and around Oxford. This is a perfect location for networking meetings for up to 50 people.

Importance of networking

Whether you are a small business or a multi-national, networking is the life blood of every business. Recognising this, we offer a calm and professional atmosphere in which you can make the connection for business growth.  Building enduring and mutually beneficial relationships is important to all businesses and we offer a perfect venue with highly efficient service.

Speak to our well trained staff and enquire today about breakfast networking, afternoon lunch networking or indeed early or late evening networking.  

Women in business networking

As a woman in business I highly value a great venue for networking.  The Tree Hotel at Iffley with its efficient service is a  warm and friendly location for business women to meet other like-minded women in a relaxed and non-intrusive surrounding.  

Networking tips

•Be clear of what you want to achieve out of your networking
•Give honest opinions and suggestions if somebody asks for your thoughts
•Offer to help as much as you can, what you give is what you will receive back
•Follow up with an e-mail after you have made your connection
•Do what you say you are going to do

Come along, enjoy a coffee or a tea and make some great connections at The Tree Hotel at Iffley in Oxford.  There are many tasty snacks available all day and our attentive staff are always at hand to be of service.