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Many blogs on this site provide information on a particular events that we host at our restaurant in Iffley in Oxford, others function more as a platform to talk to readers about healthy food tips.  On personal front living a healthy lifestyle is very important to me and for that reason food matters are very close to my heart.

Kavita Pal


Why Mother’s Day & Good Food are Synonymous

So what is synonymous between Mother’s Day and good food?  I am sure there are times when many of us come across certain foods that have the power to transport us back to our mother’s kitchen where we used to delight in her culinary expertise.  On Mother’s day we honour and spoil our mothers.   We take the time out of our busy lives and dedicate a day to spend with mother and indulge in memories of days gone by. 

Mothers in their eternal wisdom fill us with the same feeling of wellbeing as good food.  Both mother and good food provide us mental and physical happiness.  On Mother’s Day we want to treat our mothers to good food because it symbolises how she has treated us through our growing years.  What about cooking and baking together?  Doesn’t that instil in us the deep rooted feeling of being one, cooking good food together, sharing experiences and making memories?  This is another valid reason why Mother’s Day and good food are synonymous.


JOIN US ON 14TH JANUARY  TO CELEBRATE THE LOHRI FESTIVAL! Have you heard of the Lohri festival? It is not as well known as Diwali but this popular Punjabi festival is one of my favourites and it marks the end of winter and the harvest season by celebrating with food, warmth and sharing (all of which we usually enjoy!). The festival does not have any religious background but stems from folklore, which is deeply rooted in the Punjabi culture. Many believe that the festival came about because when Holika, a demoness, perished in the fire, and her sister Lohri survived. Others believe that the word Lohri comes from the word ‘Loi’ which means light and the warmth of fire.